Mingsung Hidden Camera Detector-RF Signal Anti Spy Detector for Hidden Devices,GPS Detector-Camera Finder for Home,Office,Hotels

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  • [Stay Safe and Protected]: The MingSung hidden device detector was specially designed to make sure your privacy is respected and your personal info is kept safe, away from listening ears or curious eyes. It can detect with high accuracy any cameras, recording devices, GPS trackers, hidden at home, office, or at the hotel.
  • [Fast and Easy Detection]: Our camera detector uses RF and infrared technologies which are highly sensitive and can track easily the frequency of any wireless spying devices, remote control recording pens, wireless cameras, but also electrical radiation sources, keeping you and your information protected.
  • [Multifunctional Device]: This professional RF detector can be used as an anti-theft alarm, by detecting any entry attempts and triggering the alarm. The device also incorporates a UV light LED that can help you clean your essential objects, so you can feel safe in all circumstances.
  • [Portable and Practical]: With the MingSung radio frequency detector, your privacy is in safe hands at all times! Our anti-spy detector is compact, lightweight, and very easy to use, fitting effortlessly in your backpack, purse and luggage, for a quick check of the room to make sure everything is in order anywhere you go.
  • [What You Get]: The complete set comes with a professional spy camera detector and a pair of infrared glasses that can help you detect any pinhole cameras, recording devices, and other spying equipment.


At MingSung, your safety and well-being are our main priorities. That is why we are focused on developing innovative and practical anti-spy devices that can help you feel safe and protected anywhere you are. Our detection equipment uses highly sensitive technologies that can detect any radiation waves and frequencies from spying devices, keeping your data protected and making sure your privacy is respected.

MingSung Hidden Device Detector – Professional Security Solutions

This professional anti-spy detector is a fun and effective way to make sure your personal information remains confidential, without anyone benefiting from it. Our detector can detect any signal coming from hidden devices such as wireless cameras, wiretaps, recording devices, radiation sources, and other innovative spying technologies, so you can prevent any information from being stolen and used for other purposes. The device is multifunctional and can be used as an anti-theft alarm to deter intruders /p>

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Professional RF detector;
  • Great for hotels, offices, shops, home, changing rooms;
  • Can detect wireless cameras, GPS trackers, wiretaps, micro locators, electric radiation sources, recording devices, and more;
  • Anti-theft alarm;
  • Compact and easy to handle;
  • Travel-friendly;
  • One button operation;
  • Includes a pair of infrared glasses;

Your privacy is in safe hands with this professional anti-spy detector!

Dimension: 136*21*11mm
Weight :25 g
Charging Interface: TYPE-C
Working Hours: Standby for 30 days
Antenna Gain: -14db
Sensitivity: Level 4 Adjustable
Receiving Range: 1 MHz-8500 MHz
Signal Detection Range :5 cm-10 M
Infrared Range: 10 cm- 10 M


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