MingSung was registered in the United States in 2019, MingSung aims to sell high-tech, high-quality consumer electronics products that are affordable to consumers.

MingSung is a Chinese company. Kevin. lee is the founder of MingSung, who used to be an engineer and worked for a big company as a technical engineer and R&D manager. Therefore, he has rich experience in product design and manufacturing, which provide a good guarantee to MingSung designs and manufactures the high-quality product.

Good user experience and attention to detail are the core design concepts of MingSung's products. With a beautiful appearance, comfortable touch, exquisite packaging, and easy-to-read instructions, we strive for perfection in every detail. The camera sunglasses and Bluetooth sunglasses of the MingSung brand are already hot-selling products on Amazon and other platforms, and their good quality and reasonable price have won much praise from many consumers. They are outstanding in the same category of products.

With MingSung, consumers don't have to settle for low prices at the expense of quality. Also, MingSung prides itself on excellent customer service.

Quality, Support, and Satisfaction Guarantee are the three core elements of MingSung's business model.

Quality - Every new product launched by MingSung is designed and tested for 2-3 years before mass production. In the production process, it has undergone rigorous testing in dozens of procedures, and only after passing the test will it be sold to consumers.

Support - We thoroughly train our staff on how each product works, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality support via phone, email, or chat. MingSung prides itself on providing friendly and professional customer support 24/7.

Guarantee - If you buy a defective product, we promise to provide a 30-day return guarantee, within 30 days of receiving the product, you only need to contact us and submit some evidence, and you can get a new replacement or a full refund.