Today we are going to introduce you to a pair of sunglasses like no other sunglasses. they are these are by MingSung and what they are there are sunglasses and they're also video camera and still camera and one.


let's get this open now we already charge these up and we have taken some video and still photos. so you can see comes a nice real hard showcase. that is hard ,that is very safety.

i'll show you what comes inside.


you see this nice little pouch with a nice cloth bag. Hey you can put the glasses what's a rag. Okay,got this one i thought this model had the cloth bag ,and comes with the charging cable. we got over there for charging also.  if you don't want these to be safety glasses, in this plastic bag you have clear lenses that just pop in and out in our location not going to do it.


these instructional manual glasses go in there and we're going to show you about these glasses.  there's a little couple different things about this .i'm not using right now to videotape but we are going to show you I want you to see this real close up that is the camera.


okay now,over here and this these glasses get a little tricky.  that is your on and off video button that is your camera button for still shots once you push this on a red light blinks in here. supposed to see it on the corner of your eye.


Okay,it starts videotaping if you want to do still shots. you need to hit this button first then take click that for each picture then you need to hit this again this front button for it to go back into video mode.


also with some of these glasses this model by the company you can see.

how it looks like it will have a speaker there.  some of the models actually let you do playback

and it also said bluetooth meaning if you have music from your phone you might be able to hear it don't have those don't quote me.


company's not endorsing us and also a little charging port is here and also sd card it comes with an 32G sd card. it's in here and what you do this is compatible to a mac computer

apple or windows. So in here you can plug that cord into here make sure it's down there and snug.  you're going to take the other part and plug it into your pc laptop.


because it's a mini cable see all right now you have to wait for it to be recognized on

your computer then you'll open that up you can view.  you can also share depending upon your system.


it gets tricky about how to share them to your photos now,you might be asking what are these for are they a spy camera no what you do with it is up to yobut if you're a fisherman

sportsman we'll just say sportsman okay.


sports is a lot of things.  i got a buddy there's a kayaker and he fishes from the kayak but he holds the rod in the cell phone where you can't reel it in he'll reel it all the way in then.

he'll pick it up video phone and show the fish and i've told him about these before

why don't you get a pair of these turning on video and as you're really

let in you can see all of it. so because if you lose that cell phone in the water.


that's expensive you all know how much your cell phone cost you .now imagine

you're playing volleyball,you know these are pretty hefty but if you get the ties around the back and you want to play and see all of it. that's fine anything doing the sports if

you want to see around you.


you make sure it stays tight if you into bmx biking,go-karts atvs,you put these on make sure it's tight on your back,turn it on and go you videotape your whole thing instead of trying to have one of the big action cams. you got it right here. you got to have these annoys now. i'll tell you this right now for all you shooters,these are not pellet proof, they're not shatter proof, they're not endorsed for shooting. i'm giving you that warning right now.


so if you buy these, you use these and you're shooting and something happens, you're not going to blame us,but we're letting you know you're so fun, you're so great. say you got little kids outside, you're playing with a birthday party, you turn on video you can get into telling this, because sometimes you got kids and adults that don't want to be videotaped pictured. they're scared of it,you can use these. the little kids and the people won't know be respectful you videotape it .


you can share it because everyone all the little kids when they're little they grow up they

want to see all the videos and pictures of when they were little, and it's nice to share. now the social media and the network is taking off.


all right now we're going to post the videos we've done, we did night time and we did daytime.

you want to use bright scenery for these nighttime, it's not too good. it gets tricky doing this button. buttons for pictures switching back and forth from video to still pictures.


they're not too bad ,they're not for these. this model is not 4k, now to you right now. there's a lot of models out there of this type of sunglasses,clear glasses you can put clear lenses

in here and wear them around but. You want to be careful if you get caught taking pictures of people or videotape in places, you shouldn't be or things you shouldn't be you can be in

big trouble,all right gonna have chef frankie put in the video and the stealth shots we did

come here,come here chef frankie ,chef frankie.


 How you doing you know what we're gonna let chef frankie wear them, how you look chef

frankie you look like a cool cat, look at come on you look like a real cool kitty finky like a real cool cat, doesn't he all right chef frankie get behind the camera .


please where you belong sure for joe show us chef frankie .we appreciate you tuning in .please


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frankie says .



go MingSung sunglasses video camera still picture check them out.  got the manual over here.  it's just basic telling you how to charge it. how to work it like we just did.  okay well, let me get back to the camera here on that iphone.  well it's not going, we don't care. i'll

do it manually, but thank you for tuning in. we really appreciate it thank you.


i was here frankie ,trying to go visit the sunglasses.  all right now as you push the buttons on the right hand side ,the first one powers it on automatically goes into video mode ,and you can see the glaring red light in your right eye while it's out in the dark.  let you know how it looks,you know if you'll be able to catch up,that's a full moon now.


as i said before with these if you click the back button on the right side, it will shut off the

video and take a couple pictures.  there's  a unique trick it says how to do it.  to do

press the first button and then you can do the video from video go to still pictures

and that's the speaker, which i haven't been able to figure out how to get the

play back.   


anyways we want you to see how this looksin the dark.  it's a full moon,all right let's see if i can do this little trick for the still picture.  okay so one push on the video front button.