hey guys for this video we're going to take a quick look at these MingSung HD video glasses. recently picked these up, I want to show you some files taken directly from the glasses. so you can see the video quality for yourself, but also comes with this zip up case, you get the

lens cleaning cloth and it uses a micro USB to charge, which it does come with the cable.


 you also get the instructions here with the glasses themselves look like obviously that's the camera right there.


now one thing that's really neat that is where your micro SD card goes right in the earpiece there I thought that was pretty cool that comes with it it's a 32 gigabyte micro SD card and that is the max size.


that this can use now on this earpiece ,here you have the buttons and the front button takes a picture the back button starts the video, and to turn it on. we're going to press and hold, so you see a blue light come on now when the blue light is on solid. it's like on standby and when you click it now, it is recording as it flashes.


So in theory we are recording basically .the same thing that we're seeing from the cell phone the camera I'm recording with .so press it again to stop and that'll save the file and then the forward button should take a picture and if you press and hold again, you can turn them off.


so without further Ado let's look at some files taken directly from these glasses. thanks for watching, oh we should be recording don't know if it records audio but I guess we'll find out .we put the SD card in and see what the files look like.



give you an idea what it looks like when you're actually in motion and moving around

we got 30 frames per second full HD.