hey, guys how's it going today I'm going to unbox a product that I found really interesting. it is an eyewear video recorder which I'm holding right now. so inside the packaging, we can see the protective case which the eyewear glasses include and this is great you can carry your
glasses anywhere you want.
it will be safe in this case so the product includes several things. the first thing is the micro USB which charges the glasses, the next thing is user manual, also includes a soft cloth for you to clean your glasses, and the final product, which I'm really excited to see is the glasses.

the glasses that can record video, this is awesome. let's put it on and let's see how it
looks, well it looks great, I think the best scenarios for me to use these glasses is um when I'm out cycling or going on an adventure seeing some things and the things that I want to record
while I'm there. this is really awesome because it has a camera and also it is hidden the camera is stationed. in this part right here the video recording Is 1920 to 1080P, and of course 30 frames per second it records in Avi format and the picture pixel is JPEG 4032 to 3024. it is a quite high resolution for a camera like this.
that's positioned literally inside of glasses nothing is visible where the camera is or where the electronics are first we need to charge the glasses with the port.

that the glass has in Hidden in place then there's a button inside of this site and we press it I can see the red light from this part the glassess. Right now is in a standby position so it
doesn't do anything now , but if I want to take a picture I'll just press it once ,boom it's gonna take a picture. let me take a picture of my computer and it's also very easy to take a video
with just pressing the button for two seconds. it will start flashing three times and after that the glasses start to take the video as you can already see on the screen.

there is a video I would put and this is how it looks. let's see myself I think I'm visible I'm not sure yet, but we'll see in the post and let's see my computer and how it looks, it's also very easy to turn off the glasses. we can just press the button for a period of time and then it stops blinking and now it's done. it's off I think. these glasses are amazing and I hope you found this video informational and I'll see you guys next time