Whether you’re preparing for a road trip, or want to play tennis, camera video sunglasses provide a great way for hands-free to capture all action. More convenient than your smartphone, these gadgets offer better POV shots than you would get from a conventional camera.

Here’s a list of activities you can record using your best camera video sunglasses.
Nothing takes away anxiety and stress like enjoying nature’s beauty while traveling. In your checklist, be sure to include a pair of camera video recording glasses to capture moments you would otherwise miss when using your regular camera.  Lighter than cam recorders and rendier than your smartphone, camera sunglasses offer a fast and comfortable way to snap images and record video while on the road.

Men Traveling

2.Outdoor activities 

Going fising hunting, or roller-caoster riding?  One of the best mementos you can bring back from your adventure is a high-quality video tanken using a topnotch accessory like the MingSung full HD 1080p sunglasses camera.  Its high-density camera resolution and world-clas audio mean you would be able to capture these precious moments in full living color and have a priceless keepsake to show off to your friends.

roller coaster riding with kids

3.Recording concerts

Video footage is a great way to capture the emotions and energy experienced during a live concert by your favorite artiste.  Camera sunglasses scan provide a cool and discreet way of doing this without distracting the other fans in attendance.  Plus with extended video recording time and a rechargeable battery, you can be sure not a single moment of this exhilarating experience will bee missed.

Concerts recording

4.Surveillance and security

There's no question that video sunglasses are great improvement on the body cam.  They're more comfortable, subtle, and trendier, and provide a great way to take amazing photos while gathering surveillance data.  Because they point the POV video camera sunglasses where the wearer is looking, ther show compelling first-person pictures that can be highly useful for your work.


Outdoor sports like cycling provideo an awesome opportunity for sightseeing while getting your body toned.  What better way to capture it all for sharing with family and friends that wearing camera video sunglasses while out on the trail?  Their hands-free features mean there's practically no risk of drpping them, plus they're light, comfortable to wear and go well with your sports attire.

•1080P HD VIDEO RECORDING: Mingsung’s Video Sunglasses are designed to record Full HD resolution videos with audio.
•PLUG & PLAY: Connects with computer via USB cable. Doesn’t require driver to configure.
•LARGE VIDEO STORAGE CAPACITY:  Mingsung Camera Sunglasses come with a 32G high spee MicroSD card, with a card slot capable of supporting a 256G MicroSD card.
• Feature a built-in rechargeable battery, wiht 230maH capacity and 90 minutes of video recording time.

Next time you want to freeze a precious moment in time, be sure to do it using MingSung's HD resolution camera sunglasses, desighed to take video and photos of the highest quality for sharing with family and friends.

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