Today we're going undercover and checking out some new camera sunglasses from MingSung. these glasses come with a high-quality and durable little case with a carrying clip.

this case has everything you need to get going inside. there's a USB cable to connect your glasses to the computer as well as charge them. a microfiber cleaning cloth, a user manual, and of course your sunglasses.


the sunglasses have a camera in the center that records 1080p at 30 frames per second.

this records to a class 10 u3 32-gigabyte micro SD card and this is actually included I expected a cheap card but I can even use this in my higher-quality cameras. so this is a big perk the sunglasses also come complete with a microphone allowing you to record sound.


they have polarized lenses with UV 400 protection and it only weighs 0.11pounds. the nose pad is comfy and the glasses feel nice to wear you don't really notice them on they don't feel bulky. And they just look like unique sunglasses never suspect that they have a camera.


I wore these around the farm for a bit and they were really comfortable to wear. and they did a good job being sunglasses but if you press and hold the hidden button on the side for two seconds, you put your glasses in standby mode. now the camera is ready.


if you double press the button you can take a photo and if you press the button once you'll begin recording for several minutes or until you press the button again to stop it yourself.

and for the price I don't think the camera is that bad it's definitely not a professional camera but it records what you see and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a camera on your person.


there have been so many times something crazy has happened around me and I don't have a camera but I always seem to have my sunglasses so this will be a nice solution. if you keep in mind that these glasses have no image stabilization and you tried to record smoothly then you can get some decent videos to access your videos.  you can plug your glasses into your computer directly or use a Micro SD card reader to transfer off the files the videos record in Avi format. so you want to use a media player that can play those we use a VLC media player.


it's a small file to install and it uses little computing power to run. these camera sunglasses are pretty cool they aren't going to replace my main camera, but this gives me a cool new

angle to work with I like being able to record what I see. and now I have the new ability to record like a Secret Agent Man.

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