In today's video we're gonna be unboxing and taking a look at the vista professional camera glasses from iview so stick around.  Welcome back and before we get into the unboxing let's go ahead and get a little bit more familiar with the iview professional camera smart glasses.


So you can record 4K video from your point of view with the 8-megapixel Sony CMOS sensor. now another thing about these smart camera glasses that's pretty cool is that they do record fast action. So they do record in 60 frames per second and even 120 frames per second.


 Now in terms of the fov we have a 70-degree wide-angle lens so as I already mentioned these glasses do take photos. however, you can also take a photo while you're recording a video all you need to do is press the operation button once to take a photo. the glasses will vibrate to

let you know that the photo has been taken you can also add a time and date stamp. if you'd like you also get T90 frames with u400 polarized lenses. You also get non-polarized clear lenses.


included the glasses are ip44 water resistant so these glasses are built with a tightly built frame and have gaskets to protect against dirt sweat and light rain.  and the glasses vibrate to let you know when you start and stop recording. so again the key features to remember here is that these do record in 4k and they are ip44 water resistant and have u400 polarized lenses something else that a lot of people don't talk about is that fov a lot of smart glass companies fail to add a really good field of view in their Smart Glass camera which ends up making the smart glasses a fail.


 they definitely have to have a really wide field of view that field of view is going to obviously

capture more things inside of the frame and it's also going to help with stabilization.

now another thing to mention is that these also come with 64 gigabytes of memory. all right so with that all out of the way let's go ahead and take a closer look at the packaging

as you can see it does say model the Vista says professional camera glasses and eye view at the top to get a picture of the glasses. there you can see we have the camera there in the center on the side it does say hashtag capture your view so if you're going to post pictures using these or videos go ahead and post it with the hashtag capture your view and I'm sure that iview goes through and checks the hashtag and possibly retweets or you know whatever

social platform it's on maybe uh helps.


you get noticed more alright so it also says HD 4K at 24 frames per second it

says HD 1080p at 60 frames per second it says 70-degree angle camera lens ip44

weather-resistant premium TR 90 frames UV 400 polarized lenses on the side.

It says eye view yeah the side says the same.


now as you can see these are available in 32 64 and 128 gigabytes and I did opt for the 64-gigabyte version. now the bottom of the packaging gets us more familiar with the glasses

themselves as you can see on the left it says rugged outer shell ip66 weather water resistant rating strong flexible. lightweight tr90 frame material.


then it says user-friendly, One Touch recording. PC and Mac compatible

over here on the right, it says HD camera lens 4K and 24 frames per second 1080p

at 60 frames per second 8 megapixel Sony CMOS 70-inch camera angle.


then it says polarized lenses easy interchangeable gray and clear tint included. alright so let's go ahead and open up the package here on the side they got that old-school shrink wrap on here.I really like the presentation too the box is really nice a couple of the cameras smart glasses that I've received just came in a plain white box all right so now we can get a better

look at the Box itself.


so now we'll go ahead and take off that top sleeve and slide out the inner box, and as you can see it does say hashtag capture your view so along this interior portion of the box you can see where it says I view nothing along the sides and I view on the bottom. so go ahead and open these up from the side foreign logo so the contents inside the pamphlet is a little bit of literature letting you know you have a one-year warranty.


you also get some stickers and also let you know if you need further help you can check out the YouTube video tutorial or go check out the support itself at iview. alright, so the next step is you can see we have a really nice carrying case, let's say I view a pretty big nice red and black color combination and it's a pretty nice hard shell case. it is soft but it's still got that hard shell to it to unzip it.


looks like we got a lot of accessories included inside all right so first off we get an eye view microfiber cleaning cloth to help keep your glasses clean, next we have what appears to be the charging cable.  yeah it is the charging cable so we have the USB a to micro USB here we get our included clear lenses.


I don't want to touch it but you can see that it is, we have the glasses themselves does have this little flap right that helps keep the glasses secure inside of the case really nice drawstring bag.  you can see it does say High View it's got the High View logo.


let's go ahead and take them out and here's what they look like on the back frames you see we have the iview logo on both sides.


let's have a really similar design to a lot of the other smart glasses that I have checked out and reviewed. you can see the sides are a little bit chunkier than normal glasses. that's expected when you got to house the components battery and all the other things in here.

so here's what they look like in the front. so if you're looking at the glasses from the bottom on the right side and right arm you have a spot here for your memory

card. you also have the LED indicator as well as the shutter button. there's nothing on the left-hand arm and here's a closer look at how they look around the top area

like I said they are rather chunky but they do have to accommodate you know the

technology that's in there my first opinion is that they look

really nice.

they're extremely lightweight, so they definitely look like they're going to be comfortable.

it's cool that they're waterproof and also that they record in 4k.

all right guys so we're back in the car and with the eye views so let's go ahead

and check it out in direct sunlight foreign definitely not a flat surface with a lot of

bumps got some dirt right here. so you guys let me know the

stabilization and also let me know if the audio quality really nice .nice sunny clear day

should be really good quality definitely interested in keeping these glasses for vlogging.

awesome way to Vlog and not have to carry a camera around foreign.


let's go ahead and do a Focus test. so go ahead and see if or how close the glasses will focus.

I'm about a foot away and doing a little bit of running lets me know the stabilization is very decent.

all right guys let me know your opinion and I'm talking at a normal regular level. So be the judge of the audio the polarized lenses seem to work really nicely.

 all right so we're back in the car and I have to say they feel really comfortable again the polarized lenses work really well. they don't feel like they're falling off my face.


they don't feel like they're too tight or too loose so that's great. it's a really really nice sunny day today.I think it's 85 degrees I got my air conditioning all full blast

too so I'm sure you can hear that in the background this is what it would look like if I was vlogging now.


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