What's going on everyone it's stayed with spectacular gadgets. And in this video, we'll be taking a look at the MingSung camera video sunglasses.
MingSung camera video sunglasses

Let's do these spectacular gadgets starting off with the quick start guide this will be your friend so make sure you keep this handy.  This tells us a little bit of information about the glasses' functionality wise operational wise as well as important information regarding the micro sd card which is included with your purchase also included.

They give you a nice little carrying case so that you can store your glasses when not in use. let's go ahead and take a look what's inside.  Now the first thing I see is activate your warranty now and get a free gift.  You have to visit that website so the card is actually pretty thick on the back customer support.

They also include a cleaning cloth.  You'll have to connect to your computer in order to watch any video that you've taken.

Now here's a close look at the glasses and obviously, you see the camera right in the middle we're talking about a 1080p resolution for this camera here so there you have it right in the center. So it's not so discreet but I guess you have to be pretty close to a person to see that is a camera.

1080p camera at the center

Let's continue to take a look around the glasses and here we are uh the sides look kind of thick the glasses themselves have a little bit of weight.
so we'll see how the comfort is now on the left side and on the inside you see a reset USB. So then they also tell you that the mic is on the left side. So I guess this only has one mic flipping.

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